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Perhaps the biggest name yet to be relocating to Australia

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

While relocating to Australia from all parts of the world continues to soar in popularity, it appears that arguably the biggest name yet has just only now announced that he plans to jump on the bandwagon and move to Oz. That seemed to be the worldwide consensus as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak stated that he plans to be living in the Land Down Under by 2014.

Wozniak famously started Apple, the world’s most financially successful company, with Steve Jobs who died in 2011. After leaving the company 25 years ago he now spends most of his time as a public speaker traveling the world and providing tips and encouragement to people around the globe.

While immigration officials are hesitant to ever place too much importance on the immigration of any one individual, this appears to be an exception as Australia’s financial leaders were communicating non-stop on Wozniak’s potential impact to the country’s economy in general, and start-up community in particular. Aside from the direct influence he could have, corporate bigwigs are equally excited about his history of positive impact on work culture where he has always stressed the importance of opening company internal communications and has helped encourage businesses to invest in their employees technological ideas that are created on their own time.

It is this last idea that has corporate heads most excited. CEO’s in Australia have been longing for motivating factors to lure top level talent to their companies. This is one of the areas where many of America’s top companies have thrived at and it has helped enable them to reach the lofty heights that they have. The possibility of someone like Steve Wozniak importing a similar culture to local companies and letting employees know that their innovations will be encouraged and, perhaps, even financed, could be the game changing event that allows Australian companies to both recruit top global level talent and keep them for the long term as well.

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Oktoberfest helping to convince many to move from Australia

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Although the numbers of people relocating to the Land Down Under continues to grow at a record pace, it appears that there is an event that has captivated Europe that is now helping many locals to consider actually moving from Australia: Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest is the beer festival that takes place in Munich, Germany from mid-September until the beginning of October and has been described by many as the biggest and best party in the world. Attendees spend three weeks drinking large amounts of beer and, as this may or may not surprise some, one of the largest groups of participants has continually been Australians.

In fact, the event has become so popular among Aussies that the amount of people who have actually decided to move from Australia and relocate to Europe citing Oktoberfest as a big motivating factor has spiked dramatically. These cases have increased even more recently as various alcohol related instances across Australia has led to a crackdown on local pubs and earlier shut down times for many. This has only helped to encourage much of the alcohol loving population of Australia to move.

While there are many who will scoff at these numbers and maybe even say “good riddance” to the vast amount of people that move from Australia and cite such an event as Oktoberfest as a big reason for it, there are others in the country who aren’t ready to let the story slide away quite so fast.

There are many proud Australians out there who take offense to anyone wanting to leave its shores and live somewhere else for any reason. In fact, many of these people have no interest in alcohol whatsoever. However, what they do have interest in, is Australia’s reputation. They want it to continue to be known for its hospitality and laid back attitude to everyone – including those who like drinking beer and a big party. While they are in no way suggesting that anything such as Oktoberfest come to Australia, what they are suggesting is that country officials should not just jump on the choices that seem politically correct at the time (such as big restrictions on pubs) and should always consider the ramifications of their actions. This would seem to include actions that run contrary to those who would like Australia to continue having a bit of a party reputation of its own.

It will be interesting to watch and see if this year’s Oktoberfest makes another huge impact on getting people to move from Australia to Europe. Stay tuned. finds the lowest quotes for anyone moving from, to or within Australia.

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Big push to bring the cruise shipping industry to Australia

Monday, September 24th, 2012

The Australian shipping industry was creating news headlines this week when they confirmed that several leading cruise company executives from around the world would be arriving in the Land Down Under in an attempt by the country to sell its waters as a popular destination to the international cruise market.

The Minister, The Honorable Martin Ferguson, will lead the opening affair that will take place at the Park Hyatt in Sydney on September 23rd. The group of visiting executives will then be taken on a tour of all Australian territories and states with the hopes of demonstrating to them first hand the top of the line ports, touring options and shore excursion products that Australia offers.

Andrew McEvoy, Managing Director of Tourism Australia, best summed up the strong desires of country officials to get a larger hold on the international cruise industry. Said McEnvoy: “Cruising is one of the fastest growing sectors for Australian tourism, outpacing many of our international competitor destinations. As an island destination, Australia has an enormous amount to offer cruise travellers. We are fortunate in have having access points for cruise ships right around our country, welcoming visitors into the most beautiful harbours and docks in the world.”

As Australia continues to be one of the most popular destinations in the world for both immigrants and tourists, it is impressive to see officials not resting on their laurels and continuing to make their case to bring in even more visitors. Immigration and tourism are two of the most pivotal driving economic forces of the country and the Australian shipping industry should be applauded for this latest push to publicize the beautiful land to the world and bring these industries to an even greater level.

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Epiphany Group co-founder Shane Quigley relocating to Australia for new branch

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

It appears that part of yet another big company – and another big name individual – are relocating to Australia as Epiphany Group, an online search and marketing company situated in the UK, and Shane Quigley, the company co-founder, have announced plans to open a branch office in Sydney. The announcement came just a few weeks after Epiphany Group had released a statement saying that they plan to open a new agency in England called Shackleton that will extend the companies services to be able to serve the ever increasing demand for social media marketing amongst businesses.

The announcement continues a busy past 18 months for the company that also included the creation of an operations board, Rob Shaw taking over as new chief officer and Rod Skidmore, along with Quigley, taking on more executive-like roles.

As might be expected, Australia’s immigration officials have been quick to point out the news, emphasizing how the country’s climate, friendly culture and thriving economy has only strengthened the momentum in the growing trend of both businesses and individuals moving to Australia. While the over coverage may be a bit unnerving for some, the fact is that the country has earned these bragging rights. The local economy in Australia has continuously bucked the world trends by remaining strong, the country’s reputation continues to soar and immigration numbers are only rising at a faster pace.

So take a bow Australia. It seems that the world has gotten the message and that mass relocation will only continue.

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Is it smart to move to Australia from USA?

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

As moving to Australia from the USA has gotten more popular amongst Americans throughout the country it was extremely apropos that I came upon a great discussion regarding a twenty year old with a father with a deep military background who has moved quite often throughout his life and is now considering moving permanently to Australia from America.

The discussion underscores the immense popularity of Australia as this is a person who has traveled all over the world and he has found Australia to be the most attractive place to relocate to. The replies to the potential immigrant were both varied and fascinating and I think it was the first response that really carried the tone of the conversation and stressed the general feelings of those around the world that have made relocating to Australia so tempting.

The responder spoke of how Australia was one of the few countries in the world that has come through the global financial crisis with unemployment holding at record lows, how the climate in Australia is generally magnificent throughout the year, how it consists of friendly people who welcome outsiders and more.

These are generally all of the usual reasons you’ll hear about why people have decided to move to the Land Down Under. With all these reasons, in addition to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, a reasonable cost of living and a democratically elected government, it seems safe to say that the trend of moving to Australia from the USA and, really, from other places throughout the world, will only continue to keep moving in a positive direction.

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Asylum seekers being moved from Australia

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

The ongoing saga of one of the country’s most pressing immigration issues took a new turn this week when Minister Chris Bowen announced that individuals coming and seeking asylum would be moving from Australia in a transfer to the Pacific nation of Nauru.

The announcement comes amid the news that record numbers of asylum seekers have tried moving to Australia this year and that there were 300 deaths reported amongst those attempting the dangerous trip. Bowen and other officials hope that the transfer of the seekers to Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island would discourage people from paying smugglers to try the perilous journey.

Bowen summed up the plan with the following statement: “Subject to both houses [of parliament] passing a resolution approving the designation, the designation will allow for the transfer of irregular maritime arrivals who arrived after 13 August to Nauru. Using Nauru would (hopefully) discourage irregular and dangerous maritime voyages and thereby reduce the risk of the loss of life at sea.”

He added that a temporary housing facility would be available for those being transferred upon arrival.

As the case of asylum seekers attempting to move to Australia and the casualties that result has continued to multiply we can only hope that proactive initiatives such as those being executed by Bowen helps to finally solve the problem once and for all. You can rest assured that this is not the last we will hear of this story.

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Moving within Australia is also a big deal

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

As the amount of people who move to Australia continues to skyrocket and receive seemingly all of the press, there is a story out about a possible relocation of the popular televisions series MasterChef Australia that reminds everyone that moving within Australia can still create some buzz as well.

It seems that the fifth series of Network Ten’s hit cooking series is considering a move to the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds. Presently the show is produced in Sydney.

While the potential of the move may seem to be trivial in comparison to other local and world stories, not to mention in comparison to the overall status of immigrants moving to Australia in general, the significance of the possible move should not be underestimated. At stake are as many as 260(!) television jobs and millions of dollars of revenue. This does not even begin to get into the potential tourism dollars and, ultimately, the global perception of the rival cities as possible Australian immigrants debate where to relocate to.

These factors make it understandable why some of the biggest names in the government and politics have weighted in with their opinions and have made it very clear that they are willing to take the fight a lot further.

As you can see, this supposedly minor story can have a dramatic impact on the entire Australia and can help shift the power of pop culture influence towards either Victoria or Sydney, depending on the outcome.

For those who have an interest in the ramifications such a supposedly “insignificant” move can have it is critical for them to get out and make their voices heard and declare where they’d like MasterChef Australia to continue: Melbourne or Sydney.

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Resource everyone relocating to Australia should know about

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Came across a fantastic article and resource today that anyone relocating to Australia (or just thinking about it) absolutely must know about. It’s an article talking about the new Australia visa requirements and some great tips on working with the system. Although the piece was geared towards residents of the U.K. people from anywhere will find it extremely valuable.

Essentially, as moving and immigrating to Australia has gotten so popular – due to its thriving economy and job market among other things – the government has been constantly tinkering with the immigration process to make things run smoother. The most significant change came this month and is known as SkillSelect. This allows the Australian government to better respond to changes in the rapidly expanding local employment market.

Another crucial change allows potential Australian immigrants to register by way of Expression of Interest (EOI) which requires people to enter only their most basic details into the system. In addition, the passing grade from the required Skills Assessment exam has been lowered from 65 to 60, making it easier for more people to achieve a passing grade.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg of some of the information provided by the aforementioned article so, again, it is highly suggested reading. It also gives a link out to the Australian Visa Bureau, another great resource that helps you manage your way through the entire visa process.

While moving and relocating to Australia is still not, and probably never will be, an easy process it’s good to see the Internet continuing to provide us with more and more great content to substantially lower the degree of difficulty that the move once provided.

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Cultural adaptation struggles for parents of families who relocate to Australia

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

As figures for people relocating to Australia continue to rise, a topic that has unfortunately been dropped to the background, if not totally ignored, has been of the abilities of these immigrants to adjust to their new society. An interesting article published this week has, in a very effective way, done some research and reported on one the most trying topics when immigrants are trying to adjust to Australia – the art of parenting and how (or whether) a parents’ individual forms of discipline should be migrated together with a new Australian family.

While the problem may seem trivial to some, the facts are starting to show that this is not the case. Many new immigrants who have relocated to Australia are coming from much different societies where aggressive acts such as harsh discipline and hitting children is tolerated, if not outright encouraged. This has brought difficulty to many communities around the country where such acts are often frowned upon, if not downright illegal.

The common, most universally accepted answer is to say that “moderate” hitting and disciplining are acceptable but anything that borders on “abusive” is not.

However, this simplistic reasoning just does not resonate. For one thing, who makes the decision of what is “moderate” vs. “abusive?” One person’s moderate actions are another person’s abuse. It is therefore crucial for the courts to ultimately set down exact guidelines for everyone, both natives and immigrants, to follow. People who have grown up in stricter societies need to be trained not to resort to violence against children at the drop of a hat while those who have grown up in more passive households need to be shown the value some “tough love” to ultimately get the desired disciplinary results from their children.

Either way, here’s hoping that the government steps in to clarify some of these questions and does not leave to the public, both immigrants and locals, to police themselves. That would only be a recipe for disaster.

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Need another reason to move to Australia? How about the universities!

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

As if moving to Australia needed any more encouragement, it appears to have gotten exactly that this week when an astounding 5 Australian universities were ranked among the world’s top 100 academic institutions in the latest Academic Rankings of World Universities poll, published on August 16th. The ranking universities were the University of Melbourne, Australian National University, the University of Queensland, the University of Sydney and the University of Western Australia.

The reputation of Australian Universities will further rise when the public hears that Australia had an incredible 19 of its 37 universities listed in the top 500. This is the 3rd highest amount of universities listed among all countries and an increase in the total of Australian universities listed from 2011.

The truly remarkable thing about this is that, with the skyrocketing numbers of people who continue to move to Australia every year, education is hardly ever mentioned as a factor. People often cite Australia’s friendly people, booming economy, beautiful scenery and more as reasons to relocate to the Land Down Under but hardly ever is the quality of Australian universities anywhere near the top of the list. Hopefully this will begin to change that. While all of the reasons people give for moving to Australia works for the individual it is time to give credit to the Labor government’s investment in universities and acknowledge the positive effect it has had on higher education in Australia and the contribution it has made towards improving the quality of life.

Here’s to hoping that we see a lot more educational reasons being listed as factors for people to want to continue moving to Australia and that the beaches, opera houses, warm climate and the rest will not be the only motivating factors.

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